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UCL 10/11: Week 2 Thoughts

Auxerre vs Real Madrid

– Real Madrid started with a 4-3-3 system, but the only midfielder that could move the ball cleverly was Xabi Alonso. Lass is too defensive-minded and Khedira is a box-to-box player. So, there were problemas with the well organized Auxerre. Anyway, the three strikers were very static, so they didn’t create any spaces in the french team defense and almost didn’t create any opportunities.

– Cristiano Ronaldo and Higuaín are anxious. Every time they get the ball they try to do an individual move. Moreover, the portuguese is not dribbling anybody. Mourinho have to change that.

– Real Madrid always tried to attack throught the centre when they should have opened the field. When Di Maria came in, late in the second half, the game changed a bit, and that was the way to score the first and last goal.

– The positive part: The Special One is The Lucky One too. Three points and no goals conceded, and top of the group.

Rubin Kazan vs Barcelona

– Maxwell is not good enought for Barcelona. He’s a good full back, but not a world class player as Dani Alves. Barcelona is lacking of depth and speed when their attack through left side.

– Select Mascherano and Busquets together is not a good idea when you play against such a defensive team. They are two of the best defensive midfielders in the world, but they play better behind the ball, and against Rubin Kazan, Barcelona should have been put players between Kazan’s defense and midfield.

– Villa is not at his best. I don’t know if he needs more minutes with their new teammates or if he’s going throught a bad patch, but he’s not the goalscorer he used to be.

– I don’t like Rubin’s tactic, but it’s valid, and it worked. Their match was almost perfect.

Valencia vs Manchester United

It’s difficult to create something with Albelda and Tino Costa as midfielders. With Manuel Fernandes it would have been better, obviously with Ever Banega, that was injured.

– Valencia is playing better with two strikers. The progression of Aduriz is beeing impressive, and he starts being a very complete forward.

– Manchester United is smaller without Rooney and Scholes. And I can’t think in many players who had wasted his talent as Dimitar Berbatov.

– Small things always help big teams. Manchester United was lucky, and they won a match that deserved a draw.


The football press never won a World Cup

Frank Lampard

273 days left until the kick-off in South Africa and 11 teams have already qualified for the World Cup: Australia, Brazil, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Ghana, Netherlands, England, Spain, Paraguay and of course the host squad. On the other hand, some of the other big national teams such as France, Portugal, Argentina or Germany haven’t got their tickets yet – something which won’t ruin the whole scenario that WC offers every 4 years.

Back to the qualified teams, we have Brazil, England and Spain, which have had great performances in the last months – e.g. Seleçao‘s victory over Argentina in Rosario or the eight wins out of eight matches for both European teams in their respective groups.

Are those the big achievements they need to be considered favourites in the tournament?

I don’t think so, but reading Harry Redknapp‘s think piece in today’s The Sun entitled “Now we’ll win the World Cup” it seems he doesn’t agree with me.

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La Liga missed a star called Wayne Rooney


Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaká, Benzema, Ibrahimovic and Ribéry’s shattered signing – 4 world-class players that would have been 5 if the French man had joined Real Madrid.

How many times have they said that Premier League and Serie A got seriously affected by those sales to Real Madrid and Barcelona, respectively? Lots.

Here in this blog, we even said that Franck Ribéry was the last ace the Spanish League needed to leave European giants like Manchester United, Chelsea or Inter with no available stars to sign, at least no one valued at more than €60m.

What about Wayne Rooney? What if he came to Spain to play in La Liga? Yes, that would be certainly hard, I’d say almost impossible. Alex Ferguson wouldn’t let him go after seeing the Portuguese winger leaving England to play in the Bernabéu. Though, we all were entirely sure that the Scotch man wouldn’t allow him to take his bags and say goodbye to the Old Trafford crew. But he did.

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Sunday notes: They said Valencia wouldn’t Ever change



– A boring match. However, it was ‘intense’ enough to let us see some improvements in the home side and some flaws in the away team.

The offensive midfielder issue: both Valencia and Sevilla had the same problem during the pre-season. They ran out of men who were able to play the Xabi Alonso or Pirlo role – you know, that one who links defenders with forwards, that guy who sets the team’s balance.

Emery found Ever Banega and he carried the ‘black bat’ on his shoulders. He did what he felt like in every single moment of the game.

On the other hand, Kanoute and Luis Fabiano looked like, as we say in Spain, two ‘lonely islands’ lost right there next to Alexis and Dealbert.

– There’s something which will never change: if Silva and Villa reach their highest level, Valencia can face Real Madrid and Barcelona and they can even win the title.

– I’d love to see English referees in La Liga.

– I’d love to see David Villa in the Premier League actually.

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