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Many nights like this one


It’s been said that Real Madrid’s lack of playing style is such a big handicap that nothing can level the balance in order to satisfy their fans, not even their effectiveness (specially when Ronaldo is in the pitch).

The continuous search for a certain style which suits the team’s history and its supporters’ polish taste usually ends up with the press making comparisons with Barcelona and their performances which let them win the treble in the last season.

Last night’s defeat against AC Milan in the Santiago Bernabéu stadium showed us many different aspects of this new galácticos version: the squad’s inaccuracy towards the opposite goal when Cristiano is absent, as we mentioned above, or the easy match their rivals can have if they’re kind of a serious team – Milan wasn’t that reliable team, but Alexandre Pato’s intervention was enough to win the game.

However, we believe that positive things can be always drawn, even after being beaten at home by one of your historical rivals in Europe – Real need many nights like yesterdays’ one in order to get their fans involved in the game like they did against the rossoneri. We hadn’t seen them applauding Royston Drenthe before, but last night he was the idol for 5 minutes – the time that passed since he scored his goal till he sent the ball to Marcelo using his heel. There weren’t any whistles, all spectators in the stadium made their biggest efforts in order to drive their team to get the three points.

It’s always been said that Barça’s character pushes them to turn things beautiful, to win their matches by playing great football – in the other side, Real has always been recognised as one of the most combative teams ever, even when Di Stéfano and company brought them 6 European Cups.

Madrid’s character doesn’t fit with doing it beautifully, but with the historical nights, with that word which became famous during Juanito’s (the real number 7 in their history) career in the Spanish giants: la Épica, the Epic.

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