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Sevilla’s competitiveness level, something to keep in mind


It’s been a month since Sevilla’s last defeat in Mestalla, in this season’s first date. During this time, Jiménez’s team has won every single match they’ve played (Zaragoza, Unirea, Osasuna, Mallorca, Athletic and Rangers), plus they’ve showed off their playing style and superb competitiveness level.

Last night’s game at Ibrox Park, where they beat the ‘teddy bears’ by 1-4, is a sort of demonstration of how good they’re doing things in Europe after last year’s premature elimination in Sampdoria’s Luigi Ferraris. Surely, they will qualify for the next round by winning their group – if they’re lucky enough they won’t play against a big team in the 1/16 finals.

Yet, the question many Sevilla supporters are asking themselves is: considering there are many European ‘giants’ in the competition, should we really fight for the title?

I think they do need to. Why? Because they’re no Champions League rookies anymore and they have a quality human group that can certainly face any other European squad. They could get beaten by someone like Chelsea, Manchester United or Real Madrid, but what if they get lucky and they can walk their way until semifinals? You know that round is a real lottery and if Villarreal or AS Monaco (they even qualified for the final that year!) could play them, I’m sure the Andalusian team is also able to.

2 responses to “Sevilla’s competitiveness level, something to keep in mind

  1. Santi October 5, 2009 at 12:42 PM

    Te agrego a mi lista de links favoritos. Espero que tú hagas lo mismo.

    Un saludo.

  2. niko October 12, 2009 at 11:12 AM

    gran equipo el Sevilla.

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