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Barcelona 5-2 Atlético: Who will stop them this year?


4-0 in 40 minutes in a Spanish clásico against a team that’s currently playing in UEFA Champions League, just like they did last year in a similar situation – overwhelming, extraordinary, superb,…you can pick the adjective, it will fit perfectly.

However, there’s a difference with last year’s match in Camp Nou (which finished 6-1 for Barça): on that day, blaugranas were more like an avalanche, today, though, they won 3 points by walking around on the field – they didn’t even need to hit the gas in order to beat their rivals.  It was humiliating for Atlético fans. Even more for Abel, who said they were “already losing 2-0 before the match started”.

Don’t you have a feeling that they could have easily beaten Inter last Wednesday? We all do. They couldn’t stop them and the whole Italian media was complaining of Mourinho’s strategy and nerazzurri‘s performance as they complimented Guardiola’s guys in many headlines where they dubbed Barcelona ‘the new Clockwork Orange’.

Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Ibrahimovic, Henry…You start reading their names and you can’t think of any team who’s able to stop the Catalan giants at the moment. Plus, when you see them playing against a strong defence, you usually think it doesn’t matter how hard their opponents defend their goalkeeper, they will end up having a mistake sooner or later. And there’s a guy in London, called Michael Essien, who could certainly tell us more about this.

One response to “Barcelona 5-2 Atlético: Who will stop them this year?

  1. Airos September 23, 2009 at 4:11 PM

    ¿Cuándo dejará atrás el Atlético ese 4-2-4?, ¿cuándo llegará un veterano del Atleti a pegarle fuego a la entidad?, ¿cuándo volveremos a ver centrales con bigote? Preguntas, preguntas…

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