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La Liga missed a star called Wayne Rooney


Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaká, Benzema, Ibrahimovic and Ribéry’s shattered signing – 4 world-class players that would have been 5 if the French man had joined Real Madrid.

How many times have they said that Premier League and Serie A got seriously affected by those sales to Real Madrid and Barcelona, respectively? Lots.

Here in this blog, we even said that Franck Ribéry was the last ace the Spanish League needed to leave European giants like Manchester United, Chelsea or Inter with no available stars to sign, at least no one valued at more than €60m.

What about Wayne Rooney? What if he came to Spain to play in La Liga? Yes, that would be certainly hard, I’d say almost impossible. Alex Ferguson wouldn’t let him go after seeing the Portuguese winger leaving England to play in the Bernabéu. Though, we all were entirely sure that the Scotch man wouldn’t allow him to take his bags and say goodbye to the Old Trafford crew. But he did.

Some days ago, Barça bid €40m (£35m) for Robinho but Manchester City rejected the offer. Seriously, if I were Pep Guardiola or Txiki Begiristain I would wait for the next year, save that cash, and try to get Wayne Rooney (who is much better by far than the Brazilian boy) to play together with Messi, Henry and Zlatan.

Could you imagine? That attack would be a nightmare for the opponents. Plus, I really think that Wayne would improve his play in Barcelona. He’d have to look after himself and he wouldn’t have a whole team playing for him.

Regarding publicity and the big brands, he’s become one of Nike’s most recognizable faces with their last commercial. In other words, he’s not only a great footballer but he also makes his club sell a lot of shirts all over the world.

He achieved worldwide renown long time ago – his signing wouldn’t bring us only one of the best players of the world, but it would make the whole world watch us for another 15 minutes per day.

Today’s quote: “After checking more than 25,000 videos, I’ve found 28 ways to organize a team, 11 ways to score a goal and 17 defensive routines”, Marcelo Bielsa (Chilean National Team’s coach).

Today’s news: Eduardo, two-game ban for diving; Heitinga leaves Atlético and signs up for Everton.

Today’s link: La Liga’s Top WAGs, Starting Eleven on

Today’s picture: Wasilewski’s X-ray.

5 responses to “La Liga missed a star called Wayne Rooney

  1. Shallowgirl September 2, 2009 at 8:21 AM

    Afraid the Rooney commercial made me feel queasy and I had to avert my eyes. A “looker” his is not! Can’t see him fitting in in Spain. Do they do meat pies with gravy and mushy peas there?

  2. Pol Gustems September 8, 2009 at 11:32 PM

    This year must be Wayne’s year at Old Trafford. Without Tévez and Ronaldo, United needs his goals to continue being competitive and fight for the championship. In the beggining of the season he said he could score 25.. we’ll see..


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  5. Shawon October 30, 2009 at 2:03 PM

    He is overrated ………….keep him aside

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